Update June 2013: Braam Oversight Panel Ended Pursuant to Revised Braam Settlement and Exit Agreement
The Braam Oversight Panel was created in 2004 to oversee a settlement agreement regarding improvements in Washington State's foster care system. The work of the Braam Oversight Panel ended in June 2013 pursuant to the Revised Settlement and Exit Agreement.

The Revised Agreement continues until December 2013 and the Department will issue performance data in September 2013 and March 2014.

Information about the Braam Agreement can be found at the websites of the parties to the Agreement:

  • DSHS Children's Administration Braam Website: http://www.dshs.wa.gov/ca/about/imp_settlement.asp
    Performance data for outcomes under the Revised Settlement and Exit Agreement are available at the DSHS website.

  • Plaintiffs' Counsel Braam Website: http://www.braamkids.org
    Information that used to be found at the Braam Panel's website is fully available at the plaintiffs' website. You may also sign up for Braam-related email updates at this website.